Things People Say

The traditional Anglican service is beautiful and inspiring. –  Annie

 It is a service where you participate; you are part of the mass. It is a form worship that brings me closer to God every Sunday – Denny

Comfortable family atmosphere! A structured and traditional service featuring the Gospel and communion each week. I have learned more about what it means to be a Christian – Katherine

St Augustine’s Anglican Church reminds us of our roots in the in the CHURCH OF ENGLAND.We were married in the C of E 62 years ago in AUSTRALIA and still use the 1928 BCP which we are familiar with find very comfortable. We particularly like communion every Sunday it is “Nourishment for the soul.” – Don and Margaret

For years I’ve been looking for a church where you can actually feel the Spirit in each week’s message and the genuine family compassion from all its members. It truly has changed my life! – Kathy

I appreciate an Anglican liturgy that is a continual reminder of God’s presence. – Doug