What is an Anglican?

Anglican: from the medieval Latin phrase, ecclesia anglicana, meaning the English Church.

In-depth explanation:  The Anglican Church is founded on the Bible, the traditions of the apostolic church, apostolic succession and the writings of the Church Fathers.  The Orthodox Anglican Church is a member of the Continuing Anglican movement, a movement away from heterodoxy (opinions or doctrines at variance with established norms) and embracing orthodoxy (literally meaning true or straight opinion or belief.)

In simpler terms, it is the belief of the Continuing Anglican Church movement and the Orthodox Anglican Church that there has been significant corruption of Church doctrine in the international communion of Anglicans in association with Canterbury.  St. Augustine’s Anglican Church is a member of the Orthodox Anglican Church.  For a more in depth history of the Orthodox Anglican Church, please see this link.


•The Holy Scripture is God’s written word.
•…and confess the Nicene, Apostle’s, and Athanasian Creeds
•God has the power to heal the sick and broken-hearted.
•Loyalty to our Lord is expressed by service to our fellow man.
•In the necessity of inward spiritual development and outward amendment of life of every Christian.

Just who are Anglicans?

Just who are Anglicans?


•Practices an ancient Way of Faith instituted by Christ, through the Holy Apostles, and brought to England in the earliest days of the Church.
•Has restored the original traditions of the Church of England, the Mother Church of the English-speaking people.
•Has re-instituted the original vision of the Anglican Reformation: a return to the doctrine and practices of the Early Christian Church, without Roman additions or Protestant subtractions.
•Is the Orthodox Church of the West.
•Is not led into error or heresy by political and social trends: only godly men are ordained to Holy Orders and marriage is affirmed as a sacred bond between a man and a woman.