Paul’s Principles

We’re baaaaaaaack!!!

Happy Friday Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I know we have been “off the air” for many months so we can all thank the internet trolls and the demons that dwell in electronic devices. Our web host came under several hack attacks that spanned over an extended period of time so for security purposes we abstained from posting. To add insult to injury our tablet decided to have a meltdown and go to its happy place. Everything is all better now.

All is well at Saint Augustine’s and we are Blessed beyond measure and more than we deserve. Father James preached an excellent sermon last Sunday so please set yourself apart from “this world” for about ten minutes. You will be glad you did. Just click the link:

We are in a severe drought here in WNC so I ask a simple favor, please pray for rain.

Come visit with us Sunday. Mass is at 11:00 and fellowship directly following, better known as the “fat and sassy hour”

I pray God richly Blesses you in all you do.

Deacon Denny